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About Our Company

Our philosophy

Our goal is to open new horizons for those who believe that they have already seen everything in this world. We provide you with a new color, new dimensions, new emotions, and new experiences through exploration of a different reality. We offer you the opportunity to learn about yourself and will help you to discover your personal abilities that you did not know even existed. We are here to help you to discover a world that you saw only on tv, in the movies or read in science fiction.

Our clients are people with a particular way of thinking: they never stand still, they appreciate new experiences, relish new emotions and prefer exciting challenges as opposed to living in a comfortable but a dull cocoon of domestic comfort. These people crave for excitement and delight of new discoveries, they look for sensations experienced only by select few. They refuse to give up their dreams in exchange for the calm and monotonous life. They do not choose an easy path in life; instead, they look into themselves and seek a chance to test their own strengths by challenging themselves time and again. They are convinced that they deserve special treatment and are willing to pay for it.

We understand this approach and stand by to help our clients to realize their wishes. We are ready to offer an individual approach and will be happy to develop an exclusive program for a special adventure. We can provide our customers with such experiences that will exceed their expectations.


Just as our customers are ready and looking for new experiences and emotions, we are open to our potential partners. If your offer is unique and consistent with our philosophy, we will be glad to cooperate with you. Your proposal may be included in our program of exclusive adventures, either bundled with our standard services or marketed separately. Introducing you to our partners, we stand for a guarantee of quality and uniqueness of your service, and you expand the range of exciting opportunities to our customers.

A gift of unique experience

Our offer may be a great gift:

  1. to a senior executive or employee at your company on the occasion of a significant achievement, holidays, anniversaries, or other major events;
  2. to a business partner or associate, as a sign of special respect, as a confirmation of your business intentions, or as a birthday present;
  3. to that significant person in your life, in recognition of a long life together or to ignite a storm of delight and avalanche of emotions from unforgettable experiences that you will share together.

People may forget what you said or what you did, but they will never forget the unique excitement that they experienced thanks to you.

They trust us

  • Felix and Paul

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