Nowadays MIG-29 flights are performed only in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia (470 km from Moscow), on the airbase of the Sokol aviation plant. You do not need any special training. You will get all the necessary instructions and go through the flight preparations at the airbase, after that you will be ready for the flight. In the course of the flight you will accelerate to the speed twice higher than sonic (more than 2000 km/h) and will accomplish such maneuvers as turns, «barrel roll», «inverted flight», «loop», «bell», and many others. You will see the curvature of the Earth and blackest depth of space, reaching the maximum MiG-29 altitude (18 kilometers and even higher).

Sokol airbase test-pilots are real professionals with many thousands of flight hours on various types of planes.

The program includes the excursion to the museum of the Sokol airbase.

Flight programs and costs:

  1. Aerobatics on MiG-29 jet fighter
    • 25 minutes flight
    • 45 minutes flight
  2. Edge of space flight on MiG-29

The price depends on what details you will choose to include in your program.

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