• 01.Personal Date with a Cosmonaut

    If you want to learn about space travel first hand, we can arrange for you a meeting with a cosmonaut. Communication with a person who had been in space, gives a glimpse into another reality. The story of a cosmonaut about their work helps us to understand that the real conquest of space is much harder than it is used to play movies. You will be able to ask questions and get detailed answers.

  • 02.Arranging Training for Your Teams

    Using the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center as a unique base, we are able to offer both psychological training under the supervision of the GCTC instructors as well as training of your experts. Training your staff in unusual conditions will help better learning and use of a variety of training equipment will let you see the personal qualities of your employees.

  • 03.Medical Examination under the Cosmonaut Program
    If you wish to obtain your individual cosmonaut medical assessment, to ascertain your fitness for spaceflight, to identify weaknesses and take timely measures to improve your health, we are happy to arrange this opportunity for you.
  • 04.Comprehensive Examination of Physical Fitness under the Program of Cosmonauts

    The professionals of GCTC developed a comprehensive set of tests that consist of a series of exercises, allowing them to assess qualities such as endurance, strength, speed, agility and coordination. The results of these tests help to draw conclusions about the physical fitness of a person flying into space. If you want to test your physical condition under the «space» standards, we will help you!

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