• 01.Jet Flight

    All extra-class pilots began their acquaintance with the sky with L-39 jet (Albatros). This aircraft is still in the Russian air force. These are the same planes that are used to train Russian cosmonauts. While flying in L-39, you will be able to say with certainty that you have been a pilot of a real combat aircraft.

  • 02.Survival Training

    Survival training under the program for cosmonauts will provide you with special survival skills and will tell you much about yourself and people around you.

  • 03.Special Parachute Training

    Special parachute training of cosmonauts is a unique way of training of psychological resilience to stress factors and of such skills as self-control and work in the most critical moment.

    We offer you the opportunity to undergo a unique parachute training, developed specially for cosmonauts. The training is conducted under the guidance of experienced instructors, working with the cosmonauts.

  • 04.Isolation Chamber Test

    The test in the isolation chamber is held with the aim to identify the subject’s neuropsychological response and their reactions to the impact of stress factors, such as loneliness, information deprivation, work at a hectic pace, with sleep deprivation for more than 60 consecutive hours. Are you sure you still want to test it yourself?

  • 05.Tour to the Baikonur

    The launch is a unique and unforgettable show. We offer you an exciting adventure tour to the Baikonur cosmodrome, during which you will see not only the launch of the spacecraft, but also all the preceding stages of the preparation.

    In addition, during the tour to Baikonur you can visit the Museum of space history, the memorial house of Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev, to see the launch pads, test buildings «Proton» and «Energia», launch complexes SOYUZ and PROTON.

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