• 01.Tour of the Star City

    Tour of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Trainig Centre will allow you to feel closer to the unique history of space, to see full-scale mock-ups of space stations and space ships, to immerse into the atmosphere of preparations for upcoming space missions and to feel belonging to another world — the world of space conquerors.

  • 02.Visit to the Planetarium

    Planetarium of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center is unique: only here you can see the starry sky, which only astronauts see onboard the International space station. 12 000 stars will stand here before you, this is two times more than what we can observe from Earth.

    Introductory lesson in the world`s only planetarium simulating the stellar sky, which astronauts observe outside the atmosphere of our planet.

  • 03.Vestibular stability training

    A vestibular stability training simulator will show you whether you are prepared to deal with weightlessness.

    You can also get acquainted with the special techniques and equipment and test your vestibular system.

  • 04.Rotation in the Centrifuge

    Special simulators — centrifuges TsF-7 and TsF-18 — create G-overloads similar to those that cosmonauts experience during flight. Rotation in the centrifuge will allow you to feel what a cosmonaut feels after the launch.

  • 05.Sokol Space Suit

    The suit is a vital part of the crew space equipment. SOKOL spacesuit is designed to protect cosmonauts during depressurization of the spacecraft. If you want to feel like a real astronaut, you have a unique opportunity to try on the SOKOL spacesuit.

    Introductory lesson in the suit will give a general idea of its structure.

  • 06.«Space lunch»

    For those who want to taste a space lunch and to learn how astronauts eat in orbit, we arrange tasting space food.

    You will taste more than 20 dishes of «space food» and even cook your own lunch space.

    Tasting space food is an original adventure that you will never forget!

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