• 01.Walkspace

    VYKHOD-2 simulator introduces the Orlan space suit used for extravehicular activity, it allows you to «try it on» and to practice skills of working with the suit controls.

    Diving in the hydrolab gives an idea about work on the exterior surface of the space station.

    You can choose only one of the stages. But in order to create the most realistic image of extravehicular activities, it is necessary to undergo both stages.

  • 02.The SOYUZ Spacecraft Flight

    We offer you your own «space travel» where you will feel what it means control the spacecraft in manual or automatic modes.

    The simulator will show you the design of the spacecraft and will allow you to perform all the elements of flight from launch to landing, to perform a manual docking, to survive in case of depressurization or fire — all under the guidance of an experienced instructor. This flight can be carried out together with a friend.

  • 03.Flight to the International Space Station

    During the training conducted on the simulator of the ISS Russian segment you will see the design of the station, learn about the life of the crew aboard and feel like a real astronaut, doing some work under the guidance of the instructor.

    Simulator of the Russian segment of the International space station is intended for training crew skills in handling numerous on-board systems, conduct experiments, work in abnormal and emergency situations.

  • 04.Zero Gravity Flight

    Unforgettable flight on the flying laboratory in which you will experience the same weightlessness that real astronauts feel during flight into space — today it is the only way to replicate the effect of weightlessness.

    The flight can be performed as part of the already assembled group and also in the company of his friends, and perhaps even in two.

  • 05.Helicopter Flight

    You can order an overview flight over Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities with a bird’s eye view, a helicopter trip through the Altai and the Baikal or just a familiarization flight with an extra class instructor. We can arrange it all for you.

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