«Voyage to the International Space Station»

The international Space Station (ISS) is, without exaggeration, one of the most ambitious projects of humanity. Its value today is about $200 billion. The giant structure, about the size of a football field and weighing nearly a million pounds, is flying at the speed of more than 17 000 miles per hour.

Depending on the extent of your desire to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of life aboard the ISS, we offer an individual program that can last 4 hours or more. While staying in the full-scale model of the Russian segment of the ISS, you will examine the structure of the station in general, operate some of its systems and, if desired, will save the station from imminent destruction due to collision with meteorites or space junk. You will feel as though you had a real journey onboard the ISS; an unforgettable experience.

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