Zero Gravity Flight

Weightlessness... There is no person in the world who does not know the meaning of this word. And yet, almost no one had experienced it. To experience true weightlessness and to be able to move according to the laws of celestial mechanics, one must escape the Earth’s gravity and reach orbital velocity, which is about 5 miles per second. An object that reaches this velocity becomes an artificial satellite of the Earth. Only then, a little closer to the stars, may one fully enjoy weightlessness. Presently, only Roscosmos (Russian Federal Space Agency) can guarantee the safety of space travel while offering such an opportunity to space tourists. Of course, such spaceflight is presently very expensive and imposes serious demands on the traveler’s health condition.

However, if you really want to liberate yourself from ever-present gravity, invest only a few hours instead of years in training, but still experience one of the most powerful moments of your life, we are happy to assist you by arranging a special private tour of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) near Moscow, Russia.

The CTC has several IL-76MDK aircraft; a unique design that is specifically engineered to perform parabolic flights with negative and near-zero gravity. It is on these flying machines where astronauts first experience the sensations that await them in the Earth orbit. Typically, the flight lasts 1.5-2 hours. During one flight the aircraft can perform up to 10 modes of operation that simulate conditions under various types of gravity. In each of these operating modes, the plane, moving on a parabolic trajectory (Kepler curve), provides:

  • 25-30 seconds of zero gravity experience;
  • a few seconds of «lunar gravity», which is significantly less than gravity on the Earth;
  • a few seconds of acceleration loads that are 2.5-3 times higher than the Earth’s gravity, just slightly less than gravity on Neptune.

Few people experienced the unusual effects of weightlessness on a human body, such as the sense of «spatial disorientation». This is an extremely unusual condition, caused by a mismatch between sensory information reaching the brain from visual and vestibular organs. Simply put, you see everything around you, you know where the floor and the ceiling are, you know that you are standing on the floor, yet at the same time you feel like you are in an upside-down position. The manifestation of this effect is very individual. Some astronauts never experienced it, others were very surprised by what was happening to them during the initial hours and days they spent in weightlessness in space.

If you are ready to feel the force of varying gravity and experience conditions that cannot be found in any other place on our planet, we are happy to assist you with this adventure.

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