The Isolation Chamber Test

After all other tests are completed, the last one remains — to be all alone with only yourself for company, in absolute isolation from the outside world, and to top it all, for over 60 hours without sleep.

The analogy between this test, which has been part of the training program of Russian cosmonauts for over 50 years, and the dramatic plot of the Hollywood story «The Martian» (2015) is easy to see. The plausibility of the movie scenario confirms the necessity of this test for people who have decided to devote themselves to dangerous and long journeys in space.

The test in the isolation chamber is held during the first stages of training of future cosmonauts. The aim of the test is to identify the subject’s neuropsychological response and their reactions to the impact of stress factors, including:

  • loneliness and isolation;
  • information deprivation (lack of any contact with the outside world: no Internet, no phone, no sounds from outside coming through a window, etc.);
  • work at a hectic pace, with sleep deprivation for more than 60 consecutive hours.

Of course, this test is carried out under the supervision of a team of psychologists and medical doctors around the clock. By participating in this test, you will test your own abilities of responding to stress and you will also receive an objective evaluation by space doctors and psychologists.

Should you choose to work your way through all the training that we offer, you will never be the same person again. You will better know your own abilities and potential, you will meet new people and may even find new possibilities to expand your life. So, the door to another world is opened; it is up to you to step through.

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