Action-program «Back to the Earth»

The Earth received a strange signal from the International space station. Your mission is to fly to the ISS, to find out what this signal means and return to the Earth.

The helicopter takes you from the assigned place and delivers you to the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, where the team is already waiting for you to prepare you and launch your spacecraft to the ISS.

To confirm your physical fitness and readiness for the mission you undergo a short medical examination.

To get to the ISS, you need to bring your spacecraft SOYUZ into orbit and that you will make on the Centrifuge. Here you will feel such an overload that astronauts feel when they launch into orbit. But you have to overcome yourself and perform the goal — your SOYUZ spacecraft needs to be in the Earth orbit.

Flying on cosmic velocities all the way from Earth to the ISS, you will know that the Central computer failed and you have to perform a manual docking to the ISS. You have to manually dock your Soyuz spacecraft to the ISS and, moving with the first cosmic speed 26 000 ft per second, it is important to be extremely accurate — an error can cost a life to you and the inhabitants of the ISS. The best option for manual docking is a model of a spaceship called DON SOYUZ simulator.

So, you’re onboard the ISS! Here you are happy to meet its inhabitants. In your honor there is also a gala dinner (Space Dinner stand)

During lunch you will learn that the strange signals are coming from the surface of the station. They resemble Morse code and similar signals of danger. But the inhabitants of the station are not allowed to go into space for examination of the external surface of the station, because the meteor shower destroyed the airlock, which kept their spacesuits. It is you who will do it. You enter the Orlan spacesuit (VYKHOD-2 simulator) and go into outer space — and here’s a surprise for you!

After completing the mission, you safely come back to the Earth.

Upon completion of the mission, the helicopter takes you back or to another predetermined point. The number of participants in program — 1-2 people. Duration — 5 hours in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center + 1 hour for delivery at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and back.

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