Teambuilding Program «Space Odyssey»

The program starts with a tour of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. During the tour you will know the history of the Star City, the history of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and will be able to visit unique objects of the technical area, where is the real training base for the astronauts to fly into space.You will have the opportunity to see the SOYUZ space crafts, which is currently all the crews use to go into space and back. You will also have a surprise meeting with a Russian cosmonaut who will share with you their experience of flying into space.

During the day each of you will find yourself in the role of commander of a space crew, flight engineer, engineer of life support systems, medical crew, flight engineer-constructor.

You will pass your test on the following objects:

  • The crew commander and flight engineers: putting on Sokol spacesuit

    During the training with Sokol spacesuit you will try the role of a flight engineer and a commander of the ship. The task is to learn to put on the space suit as much as possible correctly and quickly/ SOKOL space suit protects astronauts on the most dangerous phases of their flight (from the point of view of the possibility of depressurization): in the launching, docking and descent from orbit to Earth. Those who have completed the task most successfully will have a trial in a special cradle, where they can control the systems of the suit.

  • The crew doctors: vestibular simulators

    In the vestibular lab you will assume the role of the crew doctors. The task is to undergo vestibular training most efficiently and to perform tasks before and after the rotation on the vestibular chair with special care. In addition, participants will be given assignments, where in the discussion they will need to develop common responses on the topic of space medicine.

  • Engineers of the life support system: training «Space food»

    During the training on space food, you will become the engineers of life support systems. The team’s task is to prepare the space lunch, and each team must cook a certain dish. The task is not so simple, because the astronauts have their own special food and special ways of cooking it with the help of technical means located onboard the ISS. The participants will do it with the help of a special simulator, an exact analogue of that onboard the ISS.

  • Flight engineers-designers: International space station simulator

    Before entering the base unit of the International space station you will be given diagrams of the internal construction of the station, each participant having their object marked. The participant needs to identify the object inside the ISS and, analyzing its purpose, tell the other team members about it.

The number of the participants is 20-40 people, the program duration is from 9.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m.

To contact us call +7 (965) 160-38-83 or skype spacetouragency.

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