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We offer you a unique opportunity to spend your 3-day vacation visiting extraordinary places related to space. Perhaps you dreamt of flying to space when you were a child, or you want your guests to have unforgettable impressions from their visit to Moscow. Then our offer is for you! You are welcome to see with your own eyes the Cosmonaut Training Center, the Mission Control Center and the Planetarium, and also to visit the Space Museum where you can learn many interesting things about space exploration by man. If you wish you can communicate with real cosmonauts, perhaps even shake hands with them and get their photographs as a keepsake.

The Cosmonaut Training Center (CTC)

This is the main institution in Russia where cosmonauts prepare for space flights. It is the place where the first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, was preparing for his historic flight and this center is named after him. Nowadays Russian cosmonauts and astronauts from abroad can train here.

You can choose from two group tours around CTC:

1) Basic program, which includes an interesting excursion around the following halls:

  • The Mir orbital station,

  • The Russian segment of the International Space Station,

  • The Soyuz spaceships.

If you wish you can get inside the Mir orbital station and communicate with a real cosmonaut (up to 30 min).

Duration – 1,5 - 2,5 hours. On weekdays and at the week-end.


1500 rub/person, minimum 24 000 rub/group. At the week-end – double price.

Charged extra are:

Getting inside the orbital station – 15 000 rub/10 persons

Communication with a cosmonaut – 40 000 rub.

Maximum number of visitors – 45 persons.

2) Expanded program – some more interesting activities are added to the basic program:

  • seeing the TsF-7 and the TsF-18 Centrifuges;

  • seeing the VYKHOD-2 simulator which simulates walking into space;

  • seeing vestibular stability simulators, anechoic and altitude chambers.

Complex training facilities are used by cosmonauts to learn how to fly a spaceship. Vestibular stability training helps astronauts to compensate for the undesirable effects of weightlessness and overload on the human body during space flights. To prepare cosmonauts for huge overloads in space special unique centrifuges are used.

The excursion around the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center can be a real treat and a pleasant surprise which can change your ideas about Russian space exploration.

Duration – 2,5 – 3 hours. On weekdays and at the week-end.

Price – 137 500 rub.

Charged extra are:

Getting inside the orbital station – 15 000 rub/10 persons

Communication with a cosmonaut – 40 000 rub.

Maximum number of visitors – 25 persons.

The Energia Museum of the Rocket and Space Corporation

This institution is a developer of almost all national space and rocket technology. It is devoted to and named after S.P Korolev.

If you book an excursion you can visit several places in the Museum:

The showroom where you can see how spaceships, rockets and other space vehicles of political and social importance were created. You will learn how in the Soviet era ballistic missiles and first artificial Earth satellites were made, and how at present times space and missile systems and various spaceships are constructed.

With your own eyes you can see unique space vehicles:

  • the module flown by the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin;

  • the spacecraft from which a Soviet cosmonaut was a pioneer to perform the first space walk;

  • the scale models of the Soyuz-Apollo first international orbital complex and the main block of the Salyut orbital station.

  • The Labour Glory Hall shows the history of the Rocket and Space Corporation: photographs, documents, awards, memorable souvenirs, etc

  • The Memorial Room reconstructs the interior of the room where S.P.Korolev, a well-known Russian scientist and aircraft designer worked. Here you can see his personal belongings, a lot of photographs showing him at work as well as documents which are very rare and have historical value.

Excursion duration - 2 hours. On week-days only.


1800 rub/person, minimum 18 000 rub/group (no more than 45 persons)

The Mission Control Center

We offer you a unique opportunity to visit the Center which controls launching spacecrafts and also the work of artificial Earth missiles, interplanetary stations, space vehicles and orbital complexes of different types.

You can visit a special lecture to learn about the main events in the Center’s history, the tendencies of its development, you will visit the spacecraft control panel and the control panel of the Russian Orbital Segment (of the International Space Station). If technical conditions allow it you can have an opportunity to be a witness of a real radio- or TV-communication session with a group of astronauts on board a spaceship.

Excursion duration – 1,5 hours. On week-days only.


2000 rub/person, minimum 24 000 rub/group (no more than 45 persons)

The Museum of Cosmonautics (Moscow)

The Museum was founded to commemorate the achievements of Russian science in space exploration. A visit to the Museum will be an unforgettable experience for all those who love space.

We offer a very detailed excursion during which you will learn about the most important events in the history of space exploration: how the first artificial Earth satellite was launched, how the first man flew into space, how the first walk into space was performed, etc You can have a look at spacesuits and other pieces of equipment of cosmonauts, can see their personal belongings and tools necessary during spaceflights, you can see which food cosmonauts eat during space missions.

Would you like to have a photo in a real spacesuit? Then the most curious fans of space exploration can have a chance to do it.

This excursion will be interesting for both adults and children as there are really exceptional and unique exhibits in the Museum. For example, the space vehicle in which the first Soviet space dogs, Belka and Strelka, flew to space. They were taxidermied and preserved alongside their Vostok spacecraft here at the Museum.

It will be a nice surprise for you to finish the excursion in the Museum cinema hall which is constructed like a star-probe cabin. It is really impressive! The film you will watch here shows many interesting facts about the life of astronauts in space: what they eat, how they sleep, wash themselves, etc

Excursion duration – 1,5 - 2 hours. Closed on Monday.


From 400 rub/person, no more than 20 persons/group.

The Moscow Planetarium

It was founded in 1929. Nowadays it is the largest in Europe.

We offer you a very interesting excursion around the Planetarium. It will not only be a usual talk about the exhibits but you can also get a long and lasting impression from seeing important experiments and become a part of the wonderful world of space exploration.

In the Large Star Hall you can have a fantastic opportunity to take a close look at stars on the dome which is the largest in Europe. If you want to feel like a space conqueror, to feel what it is like to fly in space among mysterious constellations, then the Star Hall is the place you should visit by all means!

The exhibition areas “Uranium” (traditional) and “Lunarium” (interactive) will involve you into the history of the Planetarium and into the world of celestial bodies which you can touch and see in real time. This way you can get answers to questions which have worried you since childhood: how the Galaxy is built, what the planets of the Solar system look like, what is the difference between meteorites and meteors, what the structure of the spaceship is like, how its docking with the orbital station is performed, how the laws of Nature work in space, etc

By presenting intriguing exhibits the Museum captures the visitor's attention so much that you feel like coming here again and again to get as much information about astronomy and space as possible.

Excursion duration – 1 - 2 hours. Closed on Tuesday.

Price: 550-700 rub/person, depending on time and day.

At your request we can offer a personal visit program which depends on the number of visitors and your wishes. We provide transfer services to all the destinations on the excursion list and also meal services if the excursion takes a whole day. You can contact us using the form at the bottom of the web-site or Skype. We speak English.

To visit the Cosmonaut Training Center, the Mission Control Center and the Energia Museum you should make necessary arrangements 30 days prior to the visit as a special permit should be issued for which we need the visitors’ ID data.

If you wish to have access to the SOKOL-simulator, the VYKHOD-2 simulator and the Centrifuge you should pass basic physical requirements: normal blood pressure, no heart diseases and no otolaryngologic diseases (a running nose, otitis, etc)

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